Articles are part of a series of work exploring the social construction and visual representation of childhood from different adult and children’s perspectives.  Articles of children’s clothing are employed to represent children as a minority group requiring additional protection and advocacy, framed within the legal definitions, or Articles, of children’s rights. Each garment has been deconstructed, stretched and re-sewn on to canvas, then labelled with an embroidered article name tag to produce specimen ‘exhibits’ of childhood.


The United Nation Convention for the Rights of the Child (1989), (UNCR), includes 54 Articles that set out the basic human rights of children everywhere. The Articles series currently relates to seven of these fundamental rights from Article 1, the definition of a child, to Article 31, the right of the child to rest, leisure, play and participation in cultural and artistic life. Many of the articles of clothing are likely to have been manufactured using child labour, raising ethical questions about the textile and clothing industry and the universal enactment of children rights.


A child friendly version of the UNCR